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Global Seminar Opportunities for Faculty

Since 2008, UCSD has offered a special study abroad option, UC San Diego Global Seminars, which are 5-week summer programs (2 courses = 8 units) taught by UCSD faculty in different countries around the world. They are enriching experiences for both students and faculty, involving both in-class time and local excursions. Faculty are compensated for teaching the courses through a base salary and a benefit package (including airfare, accomodation, per diem, health insurance and other incidentals).

We particularly encourage discipline and geographical diversification.

Teach a Global Seminar:

We are accepting proposals to teach a Global Seminar each year in April for the following summer. See the Global Seminars Request for Faculty Proposals for detailed requirements.

For more information about teaching a Global Seminar, please contact Jim Galvin, Director of Faculty-Led Programs, to discuss your course proposal.

Additional information about Global Seminars:

Resources for Global Seminar Faculty Leaders

Testimonials from Global Seminar professors:

John Moore

Prof. John Moore, Professor of Linguistics

"The GS program brings faculty and undergraduates together in a unique way. Classes are rigorous, but being on location makes the classes memorable, and students rise to the occasion. It is an adventure that bonds together fellow travelers: faculty connect with students in small classes and excursions, and students form lasting friendships."

Joe Pasquale

Prof. Joe Pasquale, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

"In my 22 years at UCSD, nothing can compare to the wonderful time I had teaching my Global Seminar, Mathematical Beauty in Rome. I remain deeply affected by the students I have had, and the memorable experiences that we shared. I cannot more strongly recommend this program to other faculty."

David Mares

Prof. David Mares, Professor of Political Science

"I have to say they are the best courses I have taught in 27 years at UCSD."

Matthew Herbst

Matthew T. Herbst, Ph.D. Director, Making of the Modern World Program Eleanor Roosevelt College

"For me personally, there has never been a teaching experience so intensely rewarding as the GS program. The GS format breaks down traditional barriers (and their comforting shelter) between student and professor. Most beautifully, faculty become a very special person in the lives of young people who are reaching out to engage another culture and its history while navigating this in a foreign environment, language, and currency, and looking to you, not to hold their hand (they are not interested in that) but to give them the tools of understanding to use confidently for their own exploration and adventure. The program is as rewarding as it is demanding, so in that respect it needs to be approached carefully. For those who do, however, the experience will be well worth the effort for the students as much as for the faculty.

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