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Study Abroad Administrative Fee

What is this fee?

The Study Abroad Administrative Fee is a $100 charge paid by students to access services for and resources about the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) and the Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP).

This fee is charged only once in your UCSD career, although you may use our services many times and in different academic years.

The fee helps support advising and
assistance with the following services:

  • Group and individual advising appointments about the full range of study abroad options, including UCEAP and OAP
  • UCEAP/OAP program applications and processing. This includes completion of an academic planning form for study abroad, which is required for students who will use financial aid while abroad
  • Coordination with UCSD's Financial Aid Office to ensure that aid is processed appropriately for your program abroad
  • Advising about study abroad scholarships and grants
  • Assistance with UC system and nationally competitive study abroad scholarship and grant application processes
  • General pre-departure and country-specific orientations
  • Referral to UC Traveler Insurance coverage
  • Verification of participation in an academic UCEAP or OAP program
  • For OAP students, access to Port Triton student job postings from abroad
  • UC credit posting and UCEAP notation on transcript (UCEAP)
  • OAP paperwork to facilitate the transfer of academic credit for programs abroad and transcript notation (OAP)
  • Re-entry programming and processes
  • For OAP students on programs longer than one quarter, waiver of the UCSD readmission fee upon return to campus
  • Maintenance of UCEAP and OAP infrastructure and processes across campus that enable UCSD students to participate in these programs
  • Vetting OAP affiliation agreements that provide greater program options for students as well as additional scholarship funds

Why must I pay this fee?

In response to the serious state and UC budget situation, the fee was implemented in Fall 2009 to help us keep up with student demand for education abroad opportunities.

To provide quality service and support to the increasing number of UCSD students wanting to go abroad, and to those students returned from abroad, additional professional and student staff were required. Income from the fee allows us to provide more individual attention to students, to process program paperwork, as well as to reach more students through better use of technology, i.e. web-based application tutorials, online pre-departure orientation, etc.

When will I pay this fee?

Study Abroad Administrative Fee Billing Calendar
Applications Submitted Billing Statement Date Viewable on TritonLink Student Billing Due Date
Before 5/2/17 Summer 5/2/17 5/19/17
Before 11/9/17 Fall 11/9/17 12/13/17
Before 2/2/18 Winter 2/2/18 2/16/18
Before 5/2/18 Spring 5/2/18 5/18/18

Note for financial aid recipients:

The amount of the administrative fee will be added to your UCEAP or OAP program budget, and may be covered by your financial aid for your time abroad depending on your individual aid eligibility. Paying for the fee, however, and recouping the $100 from financial aid may occur in separate academic terms or years, depending on when you are actually going abroad.

Is the fee refundable?

The Study Abroad administrative fee is not refundable. By the time you submit your UCEAP or OAP forms and are billed for the fee, you will have used many of our services described above.

Please understand that if you choose to withdraw from your program abroad after you have submitted your UCEAP or OAP forms, you will still be billed for the fee and will be responsible for paying it. If you withdraw from your program abroad at any time, either after you have been billed or after you have paid the fee, you will not get a refund.

In rare instances when a study abroad program is cancelled by the OAP provider or by UCEAP, and you are not able to find another appropriate program in which to participate, the fee may be refunded. Please discuss this situation with your Study Abroad advisor.

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