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More Ways to Go Abroad

Work, Intern, and Volunteer Abroad

If you are interested in gaining international experience, there are many options available to you beyond studying abroad.  

How to Find a Work, Intern, or Volunteer Abroad Experience

Use the categories and links below to help you start your search. Keep in mind that while this is a collection of great resources, it is by no means an exhaustive list. You can schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor if you have questions about work, intern, or volunteer opportunities in a specific country.

Information Sessions

If you are interested in working, interning or volunteering abroad, please check the Study Abroad, UC San Diego Google Calendar for upcoming events.  Currently, we hold several information sessions throughout the academic year:  JET Information Session (Fall Quarter), International Internships  (Fall & Winter quarters) and Teach and Work Abroad (Spring Quarter).

UCSD Resources for Work, Intern, and Volunteer Abroad

Working and Teaching Abroad

Working and Teaching Abroad

You can teach English or get other paid jobs while abroad. In order to be eligible for paid work in a country where you are not a legal citizen, you will need special permission from that country’s government in the form of a work permit or a visa. For more information on obtaining work permits/visas, contact the country’s embassy at their location in the United States.  A list of work permit programs that will help you facilitate getting a work visa in specific countries are listed below under Work Abroad.


Work placement programs place you in a job, usually procure work permits and sometimes assist with housing. Placement programs typically charge a fee for their services.



  • Teach Abroad Government Sponsored Programs: View a printable handout (PDF) of foreign government sponsored programs such as JET (Japan) and Fulbright.
  • Teach Abroad Programs & Private Opportunities:  View a printable handout(PDF) of teach abroad programs and private opportunities. 


Interning Abroad

Interning Abroad

While abroad, you can participate in internships that may be unpaid, for academic credit, or for pay. Paid internships are not eligible for financial aid and are typically full time.  Internships done for academic credit are usually unpaid and may be eligible for financial aid and/or scholarships.


For internships arranged independently (not through a program provider), you must find a UC faculty advisor and make arrangements through the UCSD Academic Internship Program in order to get academic credit at UCSD.


Academic:  An academic internship may be full-time or part-time, is usually unpaid and is typically arranged through a program.  May be eligible for financial aid.

Work:  May be paid or unpaid and self-arranged or through a program.  Not eligible for financial aid.

Internships for academic credit offered in conjunction with study abroad.  May be eligible for financial aid. For more options, please visit GoAbroad.com

May be paid or unpaid, self-arranged or through a program that offers placement.  Typically full-time and not eligible for financial aid.


Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is one of the best ways to get international experience. It is flexible and can last anywhere from one or two weeks to several years. You can volunteer abroad during summer, winter or spring breaks, for a quarter, year or even anytime after you graduate.  


Programs Abroad Administered by Other UCSD Departments

Looking for a low-cost, short-term program, either for academic credit, or just for the experience of being abroad? There are many high quality programs run by departments other than the Programs Abroad Office.

  • Alternative Breaks:

    National or international service and learning trips coordinated through the Center for Student Involvement

  • Anthropology Department Study Abroad:
    The Department of Anthropology offers field schools in several locations each year.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt College - Break Away Global Seminars:
    BAGS consists of a service trip that is unique to Eleanor Roosevelt College.

  • UCSD Extension Spanish Immersion Program:
    Language programs from two days to five weeks in Ensenada, Mexico. Courses for all language levels are available. Academic credit through UCSD Extension. Host family options are available in all programs.

  • Jacobs School of Engineering - Global TIES:
    Global TIES teams give students an opportunity to apply their skills in a real-world setting while learning the role that engineering and technology can play in solving the local and global problems.

  • Mexican Migration Field Research and Training Program:

    Established in 2004 as a core activity of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies. Students admitted to this program are trained to collect field data using standardized questionnaires (survey research) as well as unstructured interviews and participant-observation.  They do in-depth reading and write papers on the region and the communities in which they will be conducting fieldwork.

  • Urban Studies and Planning Department Bauhaus Semester Exchange:
    The Urban Studies and Planning Department has a strategic partnership with Bauhaus University, one of the preeminent schools of planning and design in the world that allows two students to study in Weimar, Germany each fall.

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