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Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing adventure!

Rumeli Hisari

Check out our Facebook group: Join and like Study Abroad UCSD's page at

More Ways to Stay Involved

With Study Abroad UC San Diego

  • Send us your best pictures (with you in them) from your time abroad--we may use them on our website or publications!
  • Check your UCSD email for upcoming Returnee Events
  • Share your knowledge with prospective study abroad students at Information Sessions; email your advisor if interested.
  • Assist with Pre-Departure Orientations and/or interviews; email your advisor if interested.
  • Plan your future study/work abroad experiences with the help of the Study Abroad, UC San Diego staff

With UC San Diego's International Community

  • Join the International Club, a student-run organization that promotes social, educational, and intercultural friendship and awareness. Most activities FREE!  Like IClub on Facebook!
  • Participate in the Language Exchange Program 
  • UC San Diego English in Action Tutor Program-Help an international student, scholar, or spouse improve conversational English skills and become more familiar with the American culture. We provide training and also have a resource library. 
  • Meet others with international interests at the International Cafes, 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm every Friday. $5 for lunch, drink and dessert!

With the Peace Corps

  • Peace Corps recruiter is available to speak with you about your interest in the Peace Corps.
  • Applications are available online at the Peace Corps website

With the International House

  • Participate in I-House activities
    • Join Culture Nights, SLAMs (Talent Shows) and Cultural Cafes for good international fun and food
    • Join I-House Cares to volunteer with I-Housers who want to change the world!
  • Sign up for the I-House listserv for all the info on I-House events

Other Activities

  • Write articles on your experience abroad for The Guardian and/or College/department newsletters 
  • Call the Volunteer Connection (858-534-1414) for cross-cultural and across-the-border activities 
  • Do something meaningful during spring break or summer with Alternative Breaks 
  • Use the Career Services Center to research international job opportunities
  • Participate in activities sponsored by the Cross Cultural Center
  • Check your College’s website for intercultural and cross-cultural information, including clubs, committees, events and workshops

Academic Credits from Abroad

Now that you have returned from your study abroad experience, you will need to find out about how your credits come in (depending on your program type), how they appear on your transcripts, and how to petition them for University, College, Major, or Minor requirements. Check with your college and departmental advisor for more information and the petitioning process.

Resources for Re-Entry

Here are some great resources we have found to help you process your experience abroad and cope with re-entry:




  • L’Auberge Espagnole is a movie about a French student studying abroad for a year in Spain. The film shows us a range of his experiences —  preparing to study abroad, the joys and challenges of adjusting to a new culture, and his conflicted feelings about returning home.