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Global Seminars Request for Faculty Proposals for Summer 2019

Teach a Global Seminar:

To apply, faculty must submit a detailed program proposal, including all forms and syllabi (preferred) or course descriptions. See the Faculty Proposal Instructions(PDF) for more details about compensation, available locations, and course description guidelines. Please also review the Outreach and Recruiting Plan before submitting your Global Seminar application.

Due date: April 15, 2018.

Submit your proposal in electronic form to Jim Galvin (jgalvin@ucsd.edu). Label your document as follows: (last name, GS 2019). For forms requiring a signature, scan the signed document or submit an unsigned electronic version first followed by a signed hard copy (Jim Galvin, Study Abroad, UC San Diego, mailcode 0095).

You proposal must include the following items:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Both course syllabi (preferred) or course descriptions
  3. List of excursions
  4. Course Information Form (DOC)
  5. Departmental Approval Form (DOC)
  6. College Approval Form (DOC) if you will be teaching a College core course
  7. Faculty Information Form (DOC)
  8. Your CV

Get in touch with UCSD Global Seminars

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Phone: (858) 534-1123
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