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UC San Diego Global Seminars highly recommends students purchase insurance, but does not endorse any specific trip cancellation insurance.

Health & Safety Update (5/30/17): 

In response to the Manchester bombing, The Global Seminar team would like to provide you with some additional information about health and safety while abroad. We do not want to alarm you, but rather provide information on the security and support that you will all have on this Global Seminar. We want to reassure you that you are not alone. There is a comprehensive network of support on-site and back here in California.

Living and studying in another country is a rewarding experience and learning first-hand about the wider world is now more important than ever. We understand that you and your family may be anxious and concerned in light of the recent suicide attack in Manchester. At this time, no U.S. University is suspending their programs from any countries where Global Seminars will run this summer.  The U.S. Department of State has not issued a Travel Warning telling citizens to consider leaving in any of the countries where Global Seminars will be offered this summer. Note that no UC San Diego or UC students were injured in the Manchester bombing.

Study Abroad UC San Diego is in partnership with a local study abroad organization to educate and prepare each student to make good decisions regarding their own well-being while abroad.  We provide students with extensive information via the pre-departure orientation and materials, via email correspondence, Facebook, and various online resources dedicated to health, safety, risk, and security issues. When students arrive on-site, the provider’s full-time professional staff will provide a comprehensive health and safety orientation, and their staff as well as the Global Seminar professor will be the main local points of contact in the event of an emergency situation. Our partners have many years of experience with study abroad, and their staff are very well trained in US style health, safety, and emergency response issues.

To stay safe abroad, please remember to do the following:

To Do List:

  1. If you have not already done so, please register for UC trips insurance, which would provide emergency assistance through IJET, a private security company. Keep you UC trips card on you at all times. If you have not already registered with UC trips insurance, then please do that now: http://www.ucop.edu/risk-services/loss-prevention-control/travel-assistance/
  1. We also require all students to register for the State Departments Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). It takes only a few minutes. This can be done on-line, and should be done before departure at:


  1. Watch the pre-departure on-line health, safety, and cultural adjustment video available on Tritons Abroad.
  1. We urge you and your family to agree upon a communication plan for normal everyday contact, as well as in emergency situations. Facebook, e-mail, What’s App, Skype are all good options.
  1. Upon your arrival abroad, provide your local phone number to the professor and the provider.
  1. Stay aware of news reports during your time abroad. http://travel.state.gov as well as cnn.com and http://www.bbc.com/news
  1. Practice the buddy system. Do not travel alone.
  1. If you travel away on the weekend, you are required to notify the professor and the provider of where you are going, for how long, when you will return, and how to contact you.
  1. Make good choices regarding alcohol. Avoid drugs, binge drinking, or other activities that place you in danger.
  1. If we contact you on a safety check, please respond immediately. The first message we send to all student when an emergency occurs ask them to immediately notify us and your parents of your well-being. We also strongly advise students to carry a cell phone with a local plan that doesn’t rely on WiFi so our local staff can contact them during an emergency. 
  1. In an emergency, call the local study abroad provider’s 24/7 emergency number. This will be given to you at the in-country orientation. You can also call IJET, the private security company that works with UC on study abroad safety. That number is 1 410 453-6330.
  1. If you have any questions, contact Study Abroad UC San Diego, your professor, and/or the on-site provider staff. We are all committed to making your experience abroad a safe and rewarding one.

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