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Arrange a Visit to Study Abroad UC San Diego

Make arrangements early

First — and most importantly — contact Opportunities Abroad Program Director Jim Galvin and OAP coordinator Andra Jacques as far in advance as possible to schedule a visit.

If you contact us at least four weeks before the beginning of each quarter (see UCSD academic calendar), we can include your information on our Google Calendar.

Contacting faculty

It is very important that program representatives do not contact faculty, staff or TAs directly, either for meetings or classroom visits.

All contacts with UC San Diego faculty, staff or TAs regarding programs abroad must go through Study Abroad UC San Diego. This is to insure that we maintain a positive relationship with faculty and staff on the campus while respecting their busy schedules and agendas.

Failure to follow these procedures will preclude further access to UCSD students. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Which days are best?

  • Tabling 
    The best time to have a table on Library Walk is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday.
  • Info Sessions 
    We can also book a room in the International Center from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. for an information session. Please specify if you would like us to book a room.

Options for your visit

With enough advance notice and planning, we can offer the following advertising options:

  • A room for your presentation, at no charge, in our centrally located International Center
  • A listing on Study Abroad, UC San Diego's Google calendar
  • A listing in Study Abroad, UC San Diego's weekly email listserv to all UCSD undergraduate students

Directions and parking

Look at a map and driving directions to the International Center. Our reception desk is on the first floor of the building facing Library Walk.

Parking at the International Center is primarily for volunteers at events we host here, and is almost definitely not available on Wednesdays before 1 p.m., or Fridays before 2 p.m.

Please ask if it might be possible on the date of your event. If not, parking kiosks sell daily permits, and there are also parking meters throughout campus. Learn more about parking at UC San Diego

Stay in touch

We ask that you keep in touch with us to let us know which UCSD students are considering or have been accepted to your program.

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