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Submit a Global Seminars Provider Proposal

Learn how to submit a proposal to partner with us on a faculty-led program

Available Locations

In December, approximately 18 months before the start of a program, the Global Seminars Selection Committee will send out a request to our affiliates and previous partners by e-mail for locations where you can support programs. We will only accept proposals from customized program providers with whom we have a previously established relationship. If you are interested in discussing a new affiliation agreement, please contact Jim Galvin, Director of Opportunities Abroad and Faculty Led Programs.

Faculty Proposals

UC San Diego faculty members submit their proposals to lead a program in one of the available locations in mid-April. By the end of May the Global Seminars Selection Committee will e-mail a request for bids to the providers that we previously determined were available to support programs in each location. The e-mail will include the relevant faculty proposals for your reference.

2019 Program Dates

The 2019 UC San Diego Global Seminars will take place during either Summer Session I or II. We can be a bit flexible with the start and end dates by one or two days on either side of this range, but we cannot compromise the need for five full weeks of instruction time.

Summer Session I:

Depart United States: Saturday, June 29
Arrive in host country: Sunday, June 30
Hold on-site orientation: Monday, July 1
First day of class: Monday, July 1 or Tuesday, July 2
Depart program location: Saturday, August 3

Summer Session II:

Depart United States: Saturday, August 3
Arrive in host country: Sunday, August 4
Hold on-site orientation: Monday, August 5
First day of class: Monday, August 5 or Tuesday, August 6
Depart program location: Saturday, September 7

Provider Proposal Guidelines

Please use these guidelines (PDF) to prepare a full proposal in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. Once you have completed your full proposal document, please also enter the key details about your proposal into the Online Provider Proposal Form below. There will be an upload field at the end of the online Provider Form where you can attach your full proposal. This system will allow us to quickly compare key aspects of each proposal.

Provider Proposal Form

The deadline to submit the Online Provider Proposal Form for summer 2018 Global Seminars is Monday, July 9, 2018.

Master Services Agreement

If your proposal is selected, then the UC San Diego Purchasing Office will require your organization to sign a Master Services Agreement (view template). This document will be part of the Purchase Order. If you have signed a Master Services Agreement with UC San Diego in the past, you will not need to sign it again each year. Your organization will need to plan well ahead to give UC San Diego time to process invoices, including any deposits or down payments.

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