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Advisor Information Sessions - Schedules, Recordings and Resources

Schedules of upcoming advisor information sessions, and recordings of presentation slides, past info sessions, etc. are available below: 

Get Started Info Sessions

Get Started: Live Info Sessions

WINTER 2023 - Schedule of dates, times and Zoom link reg for live 'Get Started Info Sessions:

Week 2:
Monday 1/16 MLK Holiday
Wednesday 1/18 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 1/19 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Week 3:
Monday 1/23 3-4 [Registration Link]
Wednesday 1/25 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 1/26 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Week 4:
Monday 1/30 3-4 [Registration Link]
Wednesday 2/1 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 2/2 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Week 5:
Monday 2/6 3-4 [Registration Link]
Wednesday 2/8 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 2/9 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Week 6:
Monday 2/13 3-4 [Registration Link]
Wednesday 2/15 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 2/16 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Week 7:
Monday 2/20 Presidents Day Holiday
Wednesday 2/22 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 2/23 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Week 8:
Monday 2/27 3-4 [Registration Link]
Wednesday 3/1 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 3/2 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Week 9:
Monday 3/6 3-4 [Registration Link]
Wednesday 3/8 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 3/9 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Week 10:
Monday 3/13 3-4 [Registration Link]
Wednesday 3/15 1:30 - 2:30 [Registration Link]
Thursday 3/16 12:00-1:00 [Registration Link]

Video of Get Started Content: Available Here

Global Seminars Meet the Professor Sessions

Global Seminar "Meet the Professor" Sessions

Click each event to see the registration link. Learn more about Summer 2023 Global Seminars at


Info sessions by country and region

Info on ASIA Programs: Korea, Japan, Singapore

Study Abroad in Japan
Video Recording:

Study Abroad in Singapore
Video Recording:

Info on EUROPE Programs: United Kingdom, Scandinavia & Iceland

Study Abroad in UK (semester and year terms)
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Summer in Oxford
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Study Abroad in UK/Ireland (summer)
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Study Abroad in Scandinavia & Iceland

Info on EUROPE Programs: Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands

Study Abroad in Italy
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Study Abroad in the Czech Republic
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Study Abroad in Germany
Copy of : Presentation Slides
Video Recording: UCEAP Berlin Session 
Copy of: Presentation Slides (UCEAP Berlin Info Session)

Study Abroad in the Netherlands
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Info on SPANISH Programs: Spain, Latin America, Caribbean

Study Abroad In Spain
Video Recording: 
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Study Abroad in Latin America & Caribbean
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Info on AFRICA Programs: Botswana, Ghana, South Africa

Study Abroad in Sub-Saharan Africa (Botswana, Ghana, South Africa)
Video Recording: 
Copy of: Presentation Slides
Copy of: UCEAP Ghana Programs Flyer
Info sessions by major and discipline

Study Abroad in Engineering

Study Abroad in Engineering Info Session
Copy of: Presentation Slides

UCEAP Summer Physics Program

UCEAP Summer Sussex (Physics) Program
Copy of: Presentation Slides

Study Abroad as a Biology Major

Study Abroad as a Biology Major
Video Recording: