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Financial Aid

One of students' biggest concerns is whether they can apply their financial aid package to their experience abroad. Good news! In almost every case, it IS possible to apply some or all of your financial aid to go abroad!

Check below for information about how financial aid works with each of our different program options.


Financial Aid is attached to academic credit--therefore, you must earn academic credits (units) on your program to apply any of your financial aid.


While you are on an UCEAP program, you continue to pay UC tuition and fees, so you are still a UC student when considering financial aid and scholarship status.

Depending on the cost of living in each country, the cost of many programs are comparable to the cost of staying at UCSD, and some are even cheaper. Once you are accepted to an UCEAP program, your financial aid will be automatically re-packaged according to the cost of your program.

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UCSD Global Seminars

While you are on a UC San Diego Global Seminar program, you continue to pay UC tuition and fees, as well as administrative and program fees.

You are still a UCSD student when considering financial aid and scholarship status. Students with financial need may apply federal and institutional financial aid towards the cost of the global seminar. Summer financial aid is part of the previous academic year's financial aid package.

GS students must have a current FAFSA application before applying for summer financial aid. Students who are eligible for financial aid during spring quarter will automatically receive a package when you enroll in summer session courses. Since the pool of summer aid money is limited, you should enroll in your global seminar courses as early as possible. If you receive partial financial aid, then you are required to pay the difference between the full UC fees for the global seminar and your financial aid package.

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While you are on an OAP program, you don't pay UC fees, meaning you cannot use any UC-based financial aid. However, you can still use any federal and state financial aid as determined by the FAFSA. Your study abroad advisor will explain the required paperwork to you, and UCSD can still disburse these funds to you while you are abroad.

Financial aid may also be available through the sponsoring institution, but you cannot receive aid through both UCSD and the sponsoring institution at the same time.

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Summer Session Abroad and Financial Aid

If you participate in a summer only program, additional financial aid options may be available. Learn more about Summer Session Financial Aid, including how to apply.