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Change in Modern South Africa & Zambia

Academic Excursions

Garden Route District (Eden) Field Learning Experiences

  • Reforestation at Heartlands School of Self Sufficiency - goal to plant 1,000 indigenous trees during the week
  • Replat native species at Tsitsikamma National Park
  • Urban greening - plant trees at local school
  • Non-native vegetation clearing
  • Eco-brick bench building
  • Off-grid living workshop
  • Join students to paint mural at their primary school
  • Beach clean up

Cape Town Site Visits & Excursions

Livingstone, Zambia Field Learning Experiences

  • Visit a charcoal kiln in the Miombo Woodlands
    Students will visit a charcoal kiln in the local woodlands and learn about the economic and social context behind the deforestation that occurs in Zambia.
  • Introduction to Beekeeping
    Students will learn about the importance of bees and pollination for our planet. Following the introductory course to beekeeping, students will learn how to build a functional beehive using resources that are easily accessible.
  • Farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) workshop
  • Eco education and tree planting day at a local school
    Students will participate in a eco-education workshop at a local school, where they will learn about seed germination and making eco-bricks. Students will also have the opportunity to plant indigenous trees at the school.
  • Introduction to Natural Building
    Students will learn the basics of how to build using natural or upcycled materials. This will also include a field trip to visit one of the previous natural building structures built by Greenpop in Livingstone.

Excursions are subject to change without prior notice. No refunds are possible.