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In Search of Kafka in Prague

Academic Excursions

Local Site Visits

  • Guided Walking tour of Prague
  • Prague Castle
  • Lobkowica Palace
  • National Memorial to the Heroes of Heydich Terror
  • National Gallery and Technical Museum
  • Wallenstein Palace Gardens
  • Strahov Library
  • Jewish Musem
  • Kafka Musem and Kafka Society

Excursions Outside of Prague

  • Full day excursion to Kutna Hora, with entrance to the Cathedral, Sedlec Ossuary and the Silver Mine.
  • Full day excursion to Karlovy Vary.
  • Full day excursion to the Austerlitz Battlefield and Peace Mound in Brno.
  • Full day excursion from Prague to Terezin and Lidice for tour of the ghetto, the Terezin Museum, the Magdeburg Barracks, the Hidden Synagogue and the Small Fortress.
  • Half day excusrion from Prague by train to Karlstejn Castle for tour.

Excursions are subject to change without prior notice. No refunds are possible.