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Disability and Environmental Justice

Living Arrangements


  • To be confirmed 
  • Housing arrangements are subject to change based on local circumstances without prior notice. No price adjustments are possible.

Included Meals

  • All meals provided during the travel component

Classroom and Computer Access

  • Wireless access may be intermittent due to local conditions. No refunds or price adjustments are possible.


  • Group transportation from UC San Diego to Santa Cruz and back.  (Participants have the option of meeting the group in Santa Cruz, but no discount is available for this option.)
  • All excursions in the Santa Cruz region are also included. For this, participants must use group transportation, and not drive themselves/others.

Insurance, Health, and Safety

  • An in-depth orientation will be given, including health and safety procedures.
  • Program partner staff will be available by telephone after hours.
  • All students must register for UC travel insurance. This is free coverage, but registration is required prior to departure.