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Find scholarships to help fund your journey abroad!

Study Abroad UC San Diego administers several scholarships specifically for UC San Diego Students (*Summer & Fall Application due April 3*). We also promote scholarships administered by other colleges and departments on campus, specific program providers and nationally competitive scholarships.

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Scholarship Deadlines

See the Events & Deadlines calendar for scholarship deadlines.

Writing Your Scholarship Essay

Here are some tips for writing a scholarship essay. You should also attend one of our Scholarship Essay Writing Workshops during Winter Quarter. See our calendar for details.

Study Abroad UC San Diego Administered Scholarships

Available Scholarships

  • Friends of the International Center Scholarships [which is comprised of the Ernest Mort International Scholarship for Revelle Students, Fliesbach International Scholarship, So Family Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship, and the Friends of the International Center Scholarship]
  • Chris Borton Memorial Scholarship
  • Lytle Scholarship
  • Study Abroad, UC San Diego General Scholarships
  • OAP Affiliate Scholarships [for students participating in a program sponsored by: FIE, ISA, and SIT
  • Student Success Coaching and Study Abroad have created a new scholarship called Tritons Abroad by 2020.  20 awards of $1000 each are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to members of the SSC program and who intend to study abroad between June 2019 and May/June 2020.  Apply here beginning on October 15, 2018.

How to Apply

Scholarship instructions and a link to the application will be available on this page during the fall and spring application periods. You can use this single application form to be considered for all of the scholarships administered by Study Abroad UC San Diego.

The link to the scholarship application for students departing for study abroad programs in Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 will be posted here starting February 6, 2019.


Please complete the scholarship application from the link above by Friday, March 15, 2019 before 4:00pm.

UCEAP Sponsored Scholarships

Many students need financial assistance to study abroad. In addition to applying federal and state aid toward the cost of your program, studying with UCEAP makes you eligible for UC Financial Aid as well as UC and UCEAP scholarships.

Find information about the various UCEAP specific scholarships on UCEAP's scholarship page.

Global Seminars Scholarships

There are several scholarships that are only available to students applying to a Global Seminar:

OAP Affiliate Scholarships

Available Scholarships

Listed below are scholarships available from our affiliates and open to Undergraduates ONLY. These scholarships are administered by Study Abroad UC San Diego. Award amounts vary by provider; check the "OAP Affiliate Scholarships for Study Abroad" flyer for specific amounts.

  • FIE
  • ISA
  • SIT

In addition, Semester at Sea offers a special scholarship for UC San Diego students. Participants will be contacted directly about the opportunity from Semester at Sea if you apply. 

  • While abroad, scholarship recipients must send e-mails and pictures about their experiences abroad to our office
  • Volunteer to work the Study Abroad UC San Diego EXPO or a General Orientation
  • Volunteer to speak as returnee for an Information Session, Country Session, or Country Orientation
  • Actively support OAP outreach and recruitment efforts upon return
  • All service will be tracked and recorded to ensure fulfillment of requirements

There is a service requirement associated with these scholarships.

How to Apply

  1. Click on the link (when it becomes active) to access the OAP Affiliate Application.
  2. "Save As" the blank application to your computer before filling it out.
  3. Open the saved blank application form.
  4. Follow the checklist to completion.
  5. Save the completed application form to your computer.
  6. Please email the completed application form along with all other requested documents from the form's checklist to with the subject line "OAP Affiliate Scholarship Application".


For programs departing in Summer 2019 and Fall 2019, the deadline to apply is to be determined.

Campus-Based Exchange Scholarships

Students interested in applying for the University of Oslo's International Summer School program (offered through UCEAP) are eligible to apply for scholarships of approximately $1750 USD which would cover about half the cost of the summer program tuition and housing fees, excluding any transportation costs.  Please make an appointment with the Study Abroad advisor to Norway by calling 858-534-1123 or emailing to learn more.

College-based Scholarships

Most of UCSD's six college provide their own scholarships. Check with your academic advising office to find out what scholarship opportunities your college has to offer.

National and General Scholarships

There are several national and general scholarships you may apply for separate from the UCSD-specific scholarships, above.  Among them are:

Amounts and eligibility vary.  Please see links above for requirements and applications.

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