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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Find out about the many different ways to fund your journey abroad


Going abroad may not be as expensive as you think. We encourage you to research your options and take advantage of all financial aid, scholarships, and grants available to finance your experience abroad. Thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants go unclaimed every year-don't miss your opportunity! There are scholarships and grants available to ALL students, not just financial aid recipients.

There are 4 primary ways to finance your journey abroad:

  • Financial aid: Once you apply to go abroad, the financial aid office will repackage your aid to account for the change in financial need.

  • Scholarships: Between UCSD, UC, state, and federal-based scholarships, there are countless opportunites to earn scholarships. 

  • Grants: Depending on the program you choose, you may be automatically awarded a grant.

  • Crowdfunding: Raise money by using social media and crowdfunding sites such as

View a short module that gives an overview on how finances work with study abroad! Go to to access the module.