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Compare 2019 Global Seminar Prices

All fees subject to change. See program budget sheets for estimates of personal/outside expenses.

Program Name Program Cost UCSD Summer Session Tuition
and Fees*
Estimated Total
(Not including airfare or personal expenses)
Athens, Greece
Modern Greece
$4,534.62 $2,420.96 $6,995.58
Athens, Greece
Theatrical Design in Ancient & Modern Greece
$4,256.85 $2,420.96 $6,677.81
Berlin, Germany
Race and the City in Berlin
$5,183.41 $2,420.96 $7,604.37
Dublin, Ireland
Ireland's Silicon Valley
TBA $2,420.96 TBA
Edinburgh, Scotland
Enlightenment, Revolution, and Romanticism in Edinburgh
$5,255.31 $2,420.96 $7,676.27
Florence, Italy
Psychopharmacology in Florence
$4,743.22 $2,420.96 $7,164.18
Hong Kong, China
Globalization and Social Movements in Hong Kong
$6,309.67 $2,420.96 $8,730.63
Jerusalem, Israel
Israel - Start Up Nation
TBA $2,420.96 TBA
Kyoto, Japan
Religion in Japan
$5,773.69 $2,420.96 $8,194.65
London, England
Old Europe, New Europe: Revelle in London
TBA $2,420.96 TBA
Madrid, Spain
Spain in the Modern World
TBA $2,420.96 TBA
Paris, France
Jazz in Paris
$4,465.46 $2,420.96 $6,886.42
Paris, France
Sign Language Studies in Paris
TBA $2,420.96 TBA
Reykjavik, Iceland
Fire and Ice: Geology and Volcanology in Iceland
$6,081.86 $2,420.96 $8,502.82
Rome, Italy
Mathematical Beauty in Rome
TBA $2,420.96 TBA
Rome, Italy
Revelle in Rome
TBA $2,420.96 TBA
St. Andrews, Scotland
The Origins of Mind
$5,219.88 $2,420.96 7,640.84
Sydney, Australia
Social Cognition and Drugs in Australia
TBA $2,420.96 TBA
Sydney, Australia
The Environment and World History in Australia
$4,589.83 $2,420.96 $7,010.79
Tokyo, Japan
Consumer Behavior in Tokyo
TBA $2,420.96 TBA

*See individual program fee pages for other UC and non-UC fees.