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How to Apply for a Global Seminar

Application Deadlines

We will accept applications on a rolling basis (first-come/ first-served) until each program is full. We will announce the enrollment status of individual programs on the TritonsAbroad homepage.

  • November 1: Applications open
  • February 1: "Early bird" deadline. Apply by this date to have a better chance of getting a space in your first choice program and enter a raffle for a $100 discount on your program fee.
  • March 1: Regular deadline and withdrawal deadline for students who applied earlier. See the Global Seminars refund policy for details.

Get Ready - Understand Your Choices

1. First Steps session

Attend a live First Steps session or watch the First Steps video. Consider attending other international events, such as the Study Abroad Expo, International Education Week, or iCafe (UCSD students only) to broaden your understanding of program options and cross-cultural awareness.

2. Program-specific "Meet the Professor" information session

Attend one or more program-specific information sessions where you can learn about the program first-hand from the professor.

3. Appointment

If the information session schedule isn't convenient for you, or you have additional questions, make a one-on-one appointment with one of the Global Seminars coordinators.

4. Before you apply

Make sure that you understand the eligibility requirements, program fees, funding options, and withdrawal and refund policy before you apply.

Get Set - Apply through TritonsAbroad

Refer to this Steps to Apply handout for information about which items you must include with your Global Seminars application. You can download the Health Screening Form and Judicial Affairs Form from the Document Library on TritonsAbroad. The health screening form and passport copy are not required for virtual programs.


UCSD students:

Login to TritonsAbroad using your UCSD Personal ID number (PID) and Personal Access Code (PAC).

Non-UCSD students:

Create a new account on TritonsAbroad using your e-mail address.

Search Programs:

Once you have logged into TritonsAbroad, go to "Search Programs," and enter "Global Seminars" as the type of program. Apply for the program of your choice on TritonsAbroad. You will receive notification of your application status by e-mail.

Pre-Departure Requirements:

Complete the pre-departure requirements for your program on TritonsAbroad.

Pre-Departure Withdrawals:

We sincerely hope that all students will have the opportunity to study abroad and are always available to discuss any concerns you may have about your participation. If an emergency prevents you from being able to participate, you must notify the Global Seminars staff right away. In order to finalize your withdrawal, you must submit a Global Seminars Withdrawal Form, which you can download from the Document Library on TritonsAbroad. See the Billing, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy for more information.


Stay Safe, Learn, and Have Fun!