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How to Apply for a Global Seminar

Understand Your Choices

1. Get Started

Complete the Get Started course to learn about the different types of programs and review the Global Seminar Timeline.

2. Check your eligibility for a Global Seminar

In addition to eligibility, a few programs may also have pre-requisites listed on the program overview page. 

3. Program-specific "Meet the Professor" information session

Attend one or more program-specific information sessions where you can learn about the program first-hand from the professor. If there are no upcoming sessions on the calendar, you can still register on the program overview page for access to the recording.

4. Appointments or Drop-Ins

Contact us through the Virtual Advising Center (select topic: Study Abroad - Global Seminars)* to ask questions or make a 30-minute appointment with one of the Global Seminars coordinators. You can also attend drop-in hours where we will answer quick questions on Zoom on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*Students from outside UC San Diego will not be able to access the Virtual Advising Center and should instead email

Create an Application in TritonsAbroad

1. Create a Profile 

UCSD students: Login to TritonsAbroad using your UCSD Personal ID number (PID) and Personal Access Code (PAC). 
Non-UCSD students: Create a new account on TritonsAbroad using your e-mail address.

2. Search Programs

Once you have completed your Tritons Abroad profile, go to "Search Programs," and enter "Global Seminars" as the type of program. Select your program of choice.

Please create only one application per term. If you change your mind about which program to apply to, please contact us on VAC (or email for non-UCSD students) so we can switch the program your application is connected to.

Complete the Application Checklist 

 1. Unofficial transcript

UCSD Students: Upload a copy of your academic history from TritonLink.
Non-UCSD students: Include an unofficial transcript from your home institution.

Note: First year/transfer students who do not have a GPA at their home institution yet should upload their current transcript and then upload an updated transcript once fall grades are final.

2. Passport 

Upload a photocopy of your passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the end date of your program (or a dated receipt or passport appointment confirmation). The UC San Diego Passport Offfice is available to process passports on campus, or you can find other passport processing locations on the State Department website.

If you are not a US citizen, include a copy of your permanent resident card or a visa that is valid through the end of the time that you will be abroad. International students must discuss study abroad plans with the International Students & Programs Office.  

3. Health Screening Form

To ensure your safety, we require that applicants discuss their study abroad plans with a medical provider, and if relevant, a mental health provider.

Download this form from the Tritons Abroad Document Library for use with a private doctor or use the link that Student Health gives you when you make your appointments. At the end of your Student Health appointment, you will find your signed health form in your MyStudentChart account. Upload the form into your GS application once it has been signed. Certain locations also require that applicants make a separate appointment with a travel health specialist. Please review the instructions within the application to find out if this applies to your program.

If you are considering multiple programs, please discuss health issues in all relevant countries with your physician. 

4. Judicial Affairs Form/Consent 

UCSD students: Complete the application item that gives permission for your college to share your student record with Global Seminars. 
Non-UCSD students: Submit the the Judicial Affairs Form to the relevant Student Conduct office on your home campus. 

The form will be returned directly to Global Seminars by the reviewer.

5. Personal statement

Your essay should be approximately 500 words long and answer the following questions:

  • How does this specific location and course content fit with your academic, career, and personal objectives?
  • How do you plan to use your study abroad experience after your return to campus?
  • Have you previously studied/worked/traveled abroad?
  • Optional: you may choose to include information about relevant extra-curricular or community service activities that demonstrate your personal maturity and ability to adapt to different cultures.

6. Waiver and policy forms

Please read these forms carefully so that you understand your rights and responsibilities, particularly for the withdrawal policy. Checking the box in the online application is the same as a legally binding signature.

7. Non-refundable deposit

Pay the $250 deposit online by credit/debit card. This deposit will be applied toward your program fee. This fee is nonrefundable unless your application is not approved or the program is cancelled. 

8. Submit your application

By submitting an application, you are confirming your intent to participate. Ensure you understand the eligibility requirementsprogram feesfunding options, and withdrawal and refund policy before you hit submit!

After you Submit Your Application

Application Status 

Your application will remain in pending status until all items are complete and we are able to review it, but a space on the program is tentatively reserved for you as soon as the application is submitted. It will take roughly a week for your college to send us your judicial affairs form after you submit your application. Please notify us if you update your application with a new transcript, health form, and/or passport. You will be notified of your application status by email. If a program is filling up, we will post an announcement on TritonsAbroad, and if a program is full, you will no longer be able to submit your application.

Pre-Departure Requirements

Once your application is approved, you will have access to complete the pre-departure requirements for your program on TritonsAbroad. Please take note of any deadlines for these items.

Withdrawing an Application

We sincerely hope that all students will have the opportunity to study abroad and are always available to discuss any concerns you may have about your participation. If an emergency prevents you from being able to participate, you must notify the Global Seminars staff right away. In order to finalize your withdrawal, you must submit a Global Seminars Withdrawal Form. See the Billing, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy for more information.