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Health Insurance Guidelines

Program-sponsored insurance

Many study overseas programs, particularly those administered by U.S. institutions, require that you buy special health insurance developed for students participating on their programs. Those of you enrolling directly at foreign institutions, however, may not be provided with such an opportunity. Check to see if your local carrier will cover you while abroad.

University of California Traveler Insurance

Students who have completed the OAP paperwork are eligible to sign up for University of California Traveler Insurance. This is a comprehensive policy, and it is free! Even if your program already provides insurance, it is a good idea to apply for the UC insurance as well.

Other insurance companies

If you are traveling independently and have not completed the OAP paperwork, there are several policies developed for U.S. students who will be spending time studying, working or traveling abroad. See GoAbroad.com for a list of Travel Insurance Companies.

Make certain that you have health insurance, including a US funded policy that provides for the following:

  • Copy of policy in English
  • Policy must be valid during the entire school year or term of study
  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000
  • Co-payments not to exceed 25%
  • Repatriation benefit of $7,500 minimum
  • Medical evacuation benefit of $10,000 minimum
  • Deductible no more that $100 per injury or illness
  • Policy funded in the United States
  • Pregnancy covered the same as any other condition
  • Be aware of the benefit period, to cover travel or other activities before or after your international program.
  • Verify whether the policy will cover you in the US as well as overseas in case you come home for a visit.
  • Check the insurance company rating, such as A.M. Best or Standard and Poor rating.
  • Find out if it is a reimbursement policy. This means that you are expected to pay for medical services at the time you receive them, and you will be reimbursed for those expenses at a later date, sometimes as many as several months later.
  • Be sure to read about the exclusions!! Many insurance policies exclude sports related injuries and other common types of illness/injury.

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