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Information for Faculty


UC San Diego is proud to be a leader in student exchange and study abroad program development within the University of California system, working to provide new and exciting opportunities to all students. Global Education and Study Abroad staff aim to assist faculty throughout the program development process to establish academically rigorous opportunities at peer institutions that are affordable, accessible, and enriching.

Faculty who are interested in faculty-led, student exchange, or embedded program development or are interested in creating a global concentration within their department will need to carefully read the guidelines below.

Global Seminars

Since 2008, UCSD has offered a special study abroad option, UC San Diego Global Seminars, which are 5-week summer programs (2 courses = 8 units) taught by UCSD faculty in different countries around the world. They are enriching experiences for both students and faculty, involving a combination of in-class time and local excursions.

Global Seminar Opportunities for Faculty

Professor Michael Parrish with students in Edinburgh, Scotland
Bauhaus University spiral staircase

Student Exchange Programs

UC San Diego Global Education and Study Abroad staff support faculty members interested in developing bilateral student exchange programs with key research and pedagogical peer institutions and programs around the globe.

Propose an Exchange

Embedded Study Abroad Programs

Global Education and Study Abroad staff encourage faculty to add a global component to academic courses through the submission of proposals for an Embedded Study Abroad program.

See the Embedded Programs Page

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Applied Physics and Mathematics Building

Global Concentrations

Academic departments are encouraged to propose a global concentration option, allowing students to showcase global competency within the major. Adopting a Global Concentration option provides a flexible framework that would not compromise students' time to degree but rather capitalize on their study abroad experiences, language skills, and UCSD global content courses.

Learn More About Global Concentrations