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UC San Diego continues to be vigilant in monitoring the progression of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) worldwide. We understand that members of the campus community are worried about the virus and how it may impact us. Rest assured, your health and well-being are our top priorities. Our goal is to keep you informed and to provide a safe and calm campus environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Study Abroad UC San Diego is working closely with our partners across the UC system to provide the most updated information about future program operations. We are here to support and empower students to make informed decisions about summer travel plans and will update information here as it becomes available. Please come see us in Study Abroad if you’d like to speak with your advisor about questions or concerns you may have.

UC San Diego Information Page re: the Coronavirus


FAQs for Spring/Summer 2020 Study Abroad Programs regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak

Dear Study Abroad Student: There is currently a lot of uncertainty about the possible path and impact of the novel coronavirus. We will do our best to update these FAQs on a regular basis, as we know you are trying to make your summer plans. We are here to help you make the best and most informed decision for your individual circumstances. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in person, by phone, or by VAC. Sincerely, your Study Abroad UC San Diego Team

Q: I am planning to study abroad but am concerned about my program running. What is campus doing and when will I be notified?

A: Study Abroad UC San Diego, along with our program partners across the U.S. and abroad, is closely monitoring the situation. Should additional program suspensions occur, students will be notified immediately by email and updates will be made to our website:

Campus is following advice and guidelines by the local and UC system-wide Offices of Risk Management, the U.S. State Department, and the National CDC. UC San Diego is fortunate to have top infectious disease specialists also providing guidance to all these entities.

Please refer to UCEAP’s Standard Operating Procedure Regarding Infectious Diseases.

UCEAP monitors disease outbreaks worldwide 24/7 through the CDC and World Health Organization, partner universities, UC Study Centers, and host country resources. UCEAP works closely with the University of California Student Health Services and the Office of the President Risk Services to post information regularly.

Q: Are programs being cancelled?

A: As of now, the only program cancellations are for Spring and Summer 2020 in China (Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong). Some programs in Taiwan and Korea have delayed start dates (3/2/20) for their Spring 2020 semesters.

Q: If my program is cancelled before I depart, will I be charged any fees?

A: If your program is cancelled pre-departure, you will not be charged any fees and any fees you may have paid will be reimbursed to you. 

Q: When should I buy my plane ticket? 

A: Because air travel around the world could still be impacted by the spread of the coronavirus, it would be prudent to hold off on purchasing your plane ticket until after March 1. We should have a better sense in the next 21 days about the containment of this virus. If you do decide to purchase your plane ticket now, be aware of the policies regarding insurance and cancellation, especially if you purchase a non-refundable ticket. There will be specific clauses that state when and how you might be able to be reimbursed for a purchased ticket depending upon whether you cancel the ticket or the airline cancels the ticket.

Q: I’m afraid to go on my program. Who can I speak with to help me make a decision? 

A: Your fears are understandable, and we are here to listen to you and guide you to the right and best decision for you based on the facts that we have. We work closely with counselors at CAPS and with your academic and student affairs advisors at your college. You may reach out to us in person, by phone, by virtual (Zoom or Skype) appointment, or through VAC and we will be happy to speak with you.

Q: What happens if I withdraw from my program? Will I be charged fees?

A: Depending upon your program, you may withdraw before the withdrawal deadline and be charged minimal fees (administrative, non-refundable deposit). If you withdraw after the program withdrawal deadline, you will be subject to paying additional fees. If your program is subsequently cancelled after you withdraw, your fees will be reimbursed to you.

UCEAP withdrawal deadlines: April 1, 2020 for most Summer 2020 programs and May 1, 2020 for most Fall 2020 programs; check with your advisor to confirm

Global Seminar withdrawal deadline: March 1, 2020

OAP withdrawal deadlines: Vary by program; refer to the provider website or ask your advisor for assistance

Q: How will transportation work abroad?

A: If programs run, there will be extensive pre-departure planning and precautions in place, as always, and depending upon the continued level of severity of the situation abroad.

Students will always have staff on the ground, in country, monitoring the situation and to whom they can go to with any questions or for any support.

Students should always follow guidelines and recommendations from their program staff and faculty on the ground.