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How To Apply

Here are the next steps on how to apply:

UCEAP (UC Education Abroad Program)

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Global Seminars


Global Exchange

Visit Global Exchange's How to Apply page for instructions on how to begin your application.

OAP (Opportunities Abroad Program)

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If you would like to apply to an OAP program, it is important that you meet with a Study Abroad advisor. 

To complete an OAP application, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Complete an application directly through the study abroad program provider (or host university for direct enrollment) by their application deadline. 
  2. Complete the application for your program in TritonsAbroad. Contact your Study Abroad advisor if you don't see your program in TritonsAbroad.
    • Start the TritonsAbroad application as soon as possible, as it requires 1-2 forms that can take months for you to complete, as outlined below:
      • Academic Planning Form (required for all students): This form informs your departments of your study abroad plans, and informs you of the transferability of courses you plan to take abroad. This form takes an average of 12 weeks for students to complete.
      • Consortium Agreement (required for financial aid): This form provides UC San Diego with financial information about the program that is critical to package aid. This form can take a few weeks to complete. 
  1. Review the OAP Pre-Departure Requirements


UC Quarter and Summer Programs

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  1. Submit an application with the UC program provider (ex: UC Davis, UCLA etc.) by their application deadline.  Please note that many other UC programs have rolling admissions and process applications on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Find your program and start an application in Tritons Abroad
  3. From the “Required Documents” section of your Tritons Abroad application, download the Academic Planning Form and fill out the top section and courses. 
  4. Submit your Academic Planning Form (APF) petition to be reviewed and signed by your Major, Minor and College advisors in that order.  Be sure to submit course descriptions or syllabi with your APF.
  5. Once completed, upload the APF to “Required Documents” in your Tritons Abroad application.
  6. Review the OAP Pre-Departure Requirements.

Deadlines for submission of your OAP application in Tritons Abroad:

Summer: Complete application by May 1st.

Fall/Academic Year: Complete application by June 1st.

Winter/Spring: Complete application by December 1st.