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Study Abroad Staff

  • Kelly O'Sullivan Sommer

    Kelly O'Sullivan Sommer

    Director, Study Abroad UC San Diego 

    By appointment only

  • Kim Burton

    Kim Burton

    Director, Education Abroad Program

    Countries: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada
    Majors: Chemistry, Math, Physics, Sociology 

  • Jim Galvin

    Jim Galvin

    Director, Program Development

    Programs: Global Seminars & Opportunities Abroad Program (including Semester at Sea)
    Majors: Global Health & Public Health

  • Jay Minert

    Jay Minert

    Director, Outreach & Academic Engagement

    Majors: Engineering

Study Abroad Advisors

  • Luis Legaspi

    Luis Legaspi

    Study Abroad Advisor

    Countries: Latin America & the Caribbean, Spain
    Majors: Communications, Critical Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, Latin American Studies, Literature, Philosophy, Chicanx/Latinx Studies (CLS)

  • Andra Jacques

    Andra Jacques

    Study Abroad Advisor

    Countries: Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales)
    Majors/Minors: Business minor, Economics, Human Development, Political Science, Theatre, Urban Studies and Planning

  • Sabrina Kaiser

    Sabrina Kaiser

    Study Abroad Advisor

    Countries: China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan
    Majors: Chinese Studies, Education Studies, History, Linguistics, Music, Psychology

  • Rachel Rigoli

    Rachel Rigoli

    Study Abroad Advisor

    Countries: Australia, Costa Rica (UCEAP), Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Thailand, Vietnam, Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Morocco)
    Majors: Biology, Enviromental Systems, Japanese Studies, Jewish Studies, Study of Religion

  • Sarah Vatch

    Sarah Vatch

    Study Abroad Advisor

    Countries: Sub-Saharan Africa, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Eastern Europe, Cyprus
    Majors/Minors: African Studies, African American Studies, Anthropology, Cognitive Science, German Studies, International Studies, Italian Studies, Third World Studies

UC San Diego Global Seminar Coordinators

Financial Aid Advisor

Office Manager

  • Sheri Liebovich

    Sheri Liebovich

    Office Manager / Study Abroad Advisor

    Programs: Global Exchanges

Graduate Assistant

  • Lorenzo Sianez

    Lorenzo Sianez

    Graduate Assistant / Walk In Advisor / Special Projects