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How to prepare for your Study Abroad experience

Step #1 (Required): Attend a Get Started Information Session

Sign up for a Get Started In-Person Information Session under our Advising Services calendar. If no sessions are available, review the video resources below.

Step #2 (Required): Explore Program Options

Build on what you have learned through Get Started and explore our programs further! Research our program options on our Find a Program page and be sure to jot down questions you may have.

We will at times offer Country/Program/Discipline-specific Information Sessions hosted by our advisors. Attending these sessions is a great time to ask questions. Be sure to check them out when they are available! We will try to record these sessions for those who can't attend and post them to our web site, so that students may access them on demand.

Step #3 (Required): Create Your TritonsAbroad account

Create your TritonsAbroad account. Your TritonsAbroad account is where you will complete your interest profile, search for programs and locations, and apply for scholarships. You will need to have a TritonsAbroad account in order to apply to a Study Abroad program.

Step #4 (Optional): Follow up via VAC / Drop In Advising

Have you completed Steps 1 through 3? Great! Now you may direct your questions via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC). You may also begin accessing our Drop In advising. See our Advising Services page for more information.

Get Started Video Resources

Check out some video highlights of our Get Started Information Sessions: Review the 1-minute videos below for an overview of program options, financing, selecting courses, timing, location, and internships/research options.