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Advising Services

1. First: Get Started. Follow instructions on the Get Started page.

2. Next: Research programs and attend information sessions. Information Sessions (and recordings) may be offered for the country/discipline/program that you are interested in. See our 'Get Started' information session schedule and Advisor recordings.

3. Questions? Here are easy ways to connect with us and we are here to help!

-Study Abroad Front Desk:
Student assistants can assist you virtually or in person.
-Drop-In Advising: 10 to 15 minute advising sessions.
-Virtual Advising Center (VAC):
 Great for quick, simple or follow-up questions!
-Appointments: Visit our Front Desk to learn the process for scheduling an appointment.

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Virtual Drop-In Advising

The Study Abroad Office has weekly drop-in availability. 10-15 minute advising sessions. (You must sign in at least 15 minutes before the end of the advising period.) Use the "Meet with Advisor" tab of the Virtual Advising Center to sign in. VAC Instructions. You will then be prompted to choose a reason for your visit.

Our Winter Quarter 2023 hours are as follows:

  • Mondays 1- 3 PM
  • Thursdays 1- 3 PM
  • Fridays 10 - 11:30 AM

*Sign-in closes 15 minutes prior to drop-in advising end time.

Drop-In Advising via VAC

Advising Resources

Compare Study Abroad Programs

Database: Search for Programs by UCSD Major and College

Search the Database: Study Abroad Programs by UC San Diego Department & College

Search for previously taken programs by each UCSD department and college.

Required: Create Your TritonsAbroad Account

TritonsAbroad is UC San Diego's Study Abroad application management system.

  • Set up your account on TritonsAbroad.

  • You will need to have a TritonsAbroad account in order to apply to a Study Abroad program.

  • Complete your interest profile, search for programs and locations, and apply for scholarships.

  • Once you select a program that you like, you can upload the program’s application and other important documents into your TritonsAbroad account.

How Apply Instructions: Detailed steps on how to apply to each of our programs

Once you have identified a program and are ready to apply, you can find detailed application information for each of our programs on our How To Apply page. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships

What a student ends up paying for study abroad can depend on the length of the program, the location of study, the program provider, the students' financial aid, scholarships received, etc.

Learn more about Financial Aid and Scholarships - how they work and how they can help finance your journey abroad.

Pre-Departure Requirements

You have applied and been accepted to a program - congratulations! Don't forget about all of your Pre-Departure Requirements.

Advising Resources: UCEAP Specific Information

Navigating UCEAP's Website - A Tutorial

Watch this great video tutorial to learn how to navigate UCEAP's website.


Looking for programs: 0:00-3:02 / Search by region, field of study, or experience type: 0:09-0:54 / How to run a program search: 0:54-3:02 / Navigating program details: 3:03-6:46 / General program info, dates, eligibility: 3:03-3:42 / Academics: 3:42-5:00 / Housing, Cost, Support: 5:00-5:55 / How to apply, Acceptance, Deadlines: 5:55-6:46 / Contact UCEAP advisors: 6:46-7:35

Video Guide

How to Look Up UCEAP Application Deadlines

Visit the UCEAP Application Deadlines Page for up to date deadlines for UCEAP programs.

How to Search for Courses Previously Taken on UCEAP

Search the UCEAP Course Catalog

The UCEAP Course Catalog allows students to search for courses that UC students and alumni (system wide) have previously taken on UCEAP. 

To review all courses potentially available to students on any UCEAP program, go to that  program's page and select the 'Academics' tab. There you can find links to all of a program's courses

How to Search for Courses Previously Taken by UCSD Students on UCEAP

Search UCEAP's Campus Credit Database for UC San Diego

Search for credits that UCSD students received for courses taken abroad through UCEAP (by department and college).

How to Get Answers: UCEAP Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Questions. Application Questions. Program Questions. Academic Questions. Financial Questions. It's all at UCEAP's Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Advising Resources: Student Specific Populations

Study Abroad as an International Student

Are you an international student who is considering study abroad? Be sure to check out the International Students and Study Abroad information page:

International Students and Study Abroad

*Important: International students in F and J visa status are encouraged to start preparing early if they are interested in studying abroad while at UC San Diego. It is recommended that you begin researching and applying for study abroad opportunities at least one year prior to your expected study abroad start date. Click on the link above to review all steps to understanding how studying abroad may affect your status.

Study Abroad as an Undocumented Student

Are you an undocument student with DACA who is considering studying abroad? Currently, only undocumented students with DACA may apply for Advance Parole to study abroad. Be sure to book an appointment with the UC Immigrant Legal Services Center attorney, Andrés Lemons to discuss if traveling is safe for you.


Students with DACA who would like to study abroad are highly encouraged to prepare a minimum of 10-12 months before their trip abroad as applying for Advance Parole takes a minimum of six months.

Study Abroad as an Engineering Student

A Guide to Study Abroad for Engineering Students.

Study Abroad as a Transfer Student

A Guide to Study Abroad for Transfer Students.

Study Abroad as a Black Student

Visit Study Abroad's BlackAbroad Page. Uplifting Black voices through travel narratives and providing resources, writing, and inspiration for Black Tritons venturing abroad.

Diversity & Identity Abroad Resources

Visit Study Abroad's Diversity & Identity Page, which includes links to student's stories, our BlackAbroad page, resources, and more!

Engineering Students

An advising resource guide to help engineering students study abroad.

Engineers Abroad

Transfer Students

Transfer and Reentry students CAN study abroad! Be well organized. Plan early. Make it happen!

Transfers Abroad