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Black Student Guide

Diversity Abroad's Black Student Guide to Global Programs.

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HBCU Exchange Program

HBCU Exchange

UC San Diego students can study on exchange at three Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Morehouse College and Spelman College (both in Atlanta), and Xavier College (in New Orleans).

Adminstered by: Thurgood Marshall College

HBCU Exchange

Black Travel Narratives

Students, faculty, staff, and alum of the Black UC San Diego community have been around the world. Study Abroad UC San Diego would like to celebrate Black Tritons Abroad and share in some of their stories.

We thank them for adding their voice to the following narratives!

Obinne Onyeador, Alum - London, UK

 Obinne Onyeador

"During my time abroad in London one of my favorite places to visit was the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. People from all over world visit this hotel whether it's for a good study spot or one of the exciting events they put on. I met some of the most amazing people here and was able learn their story while expanding my understanding of the world around me. This trip was the beginning of my travel journey and I’m so excited for my future trips around the world."

Kyler Nathan IV, Staff - Paris, France

Kyler Nathan
"In high school, I decided to take French even though most of my peers took Spanish. Only a few classes in, I knew that one of my life goals would be to visit Paris one day and I accomplished it before I turned 24. Going was a spur of the moment decision, we found a website with a great deal and within a matter of moments, I had 6 months to prepare for my first trip out of the country. Visiting Paris for a week and being immersed in the French culture was like a dream — I knew enough French to feel like much more than just a tourist which made for an unforgettable experience. I visited during Christmas time and had an opportunity to see the city dressed in Christmas lights, and spent most nights (and euros) at the Christmas Markets engaging with local vendors. Also visiting museums and art galleries that I only read about in school books and saw in movies was such a fulfilling experience. Just three months after coming back is when I began to work from home due to COVID which is really a testament to the importance of seizing the moment!"

Noble Dwarika, Alum - London, UK

"I recently competed on a Netflix singing competition show called 'Sing On!' We filmed the show in London. Here is a video of me and my castmates fooling around in Slough (East London) before heading to Nandos for a bite."

Jay Minert, Staff - Bangkok, Thailand

"In 2019 I traveled to Thailand for the first time, and while in Bangkok I had the opportunity to visit the Grand Palace. It was a swelteringly hot sunny day as I wandered the grounds, taking in all of the amazing colors, statues, and architecture. There were large crowds of both locals and tourists walking around, and at one point I passed a group of monks who asked me to take their picture. I obliged, handed back their camera, and then started to walk away. But one of the monks grabbed my arm and signaled that they wanted me in their picture too. I agreed, and of course had to take a picture with my camera as well. It was an unusual and fun exchange where I got to share a moment with a bunch of really cool monks!"

Irene Kwangaba, Alum - Ghana

Irene Kwangaba
The richness of Ghanaian culture, the positive spirits of the local people, and constantly being surrounded by melanated individuals were salient aspects of Ghana that were so refreshing to me. In Ghana, I had the wonderful opportunity to become a student volunteer and conduct an action-based research project at Echoing Hills Village, a faith-based non-profit organization ensuring that people with various disabilities can live independent and purposeful lives through pursuing education, learning daily living skills, etc. My research project centered on understanding the stigma of disability in Ghana and the work that Echoing Hills does to debunk this stigma through its philosophy, programs, and community culture. I participated in a wide range of activities from teaching children English and math lessons to organizing a dance competition with the residents. Throughout my volunteering and research, my understanding of people with disabilities was greatly enhanced, especially in regards to the Ghanaian society I was immersed in. One of my favorite things about the people in the community of EHV was that they called me “Auntie” Irene. Not only did I feel honored, but this title mirrors how Ghanaian folks call an elder “Auntie” or “Uncle” as a sign of respect and appreciation.
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