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UCEAP Pre-Departure Requirements

Amidst the excitement and the prospect of going abroad, please keep in mind the following important steps that must be followed between now and your departure.

Please note that UCEAP refers to the University of California system-wide EAP office in Santa Barbara.

We will send you updates about meetings, packets, and other important info to your UCSD student e-mail account. Therefore, it is vital that you check your UCSD student email messages regularly or set it up so that messages are automatically re-directed to your personal account.

***Very Important* - Please Read: UCSD's UCEAP Notes Document (PDF)

UPDATED: COVID Information

COVID-19 updates for UCEAP participants are found at:


You must have a valid passport to travel abroad. If you already have a passport, check the expiration date now. It must be valid 6 months beyond the end of your program. If you need to apply for or renew your U.S. passport, it may take as long as eight weeks, and a renewed passport will have a different number. UCSD Mail Services (walk in only) and the UCSD Cashier's Office (appointments only) both offer passport processing services.  For more information, click here.  

The name on your passport must be the same name that appears on all UCEAP application documents.

If you are not a US citizen, you must have a valid passport from your country of citizenship (or if that is not possible, a U.S. re-entry permit). If you have any questions, discuss with your advisor what paperwork you might need to complete in order to re-enter the United States.

Conditional/Alternate Status

  • Conditionally Approved applicants must fulfill certain requirements before being granted full approval to participate in the UCEAP program. The conditions are stated in your Conditional Approval letter. You must consult with your UCEAP advisor if you think that you may not meet your conditions.
  • Alternates are qualified students waiting for available space in their program. If selectees withdraw, or if additional spaces are secured, alternates will be placed. Alternates from all campuses are pooled together at UCEAP and are placed by that office.

Note: Applicants who are Conditionally Approved or Alternates still must complete all pre-departure requirements by their specified deadlines.

UCEAP Pre-Departure Checklist (PDC)

The system-wide UCEAP office will notify you by email when your electronic Pre-Departure Checklist (PDC) is posted in the pre-departure section in the UCEAP application system (MyEAP).  It is essential that all requirements be completed on time and with close attention to detail. Most requirements are submitted directly to the system-wide UCEAP office or online.

Download a handout (PDF) containing suggestions for obtaining passport style photos, transcripts, and other items frequently requested by UCEAP.

Health Clearance

Complete a health clearance at UCSD Student Health Services or at your private physician's office depending on your program. Students with SHIP or RAFT insurance must complete the UCEAP Health Clearance at UCSD Student Health Services. Students with private health insurance may complete the UCEAP Health Clearance with their private physician or at UCSD Student Health Services, however you should check with your insurance provider to confirm if UCSD services are reimbursable.

Start the Health Clearance process as soon as possible. If you have SHIP, schedule your appointments with UCSD Student Health Services early, because it could take up to a month to get an opening. The Health Clearance Form must be received by UCEAP at least 60 days before your official program start date (except for Chile).

You must alert UCEAP Systemwide if you have a change in health or treatment plan after you submitted your Health Clearance Form to UCEAP. You may need to get a second form or a letter from your treating physician indicating that the change will not obstruct a successful study abroad experience. If you do not comply, you may be dismissed.


NOTE: If your program is in Botswana, Ghana, India, the Solomon Islands, or South Africa, you MUST complete your Health Clearance Form through UCSD Student Health Services, unless you are currently not on campus. Please contact Student Health Services for specific instructions. 

UCEAP Forms and Instructions:

Instructions for Confidential Health History and Health Clearance Forms (link)

  • Confidential Health History Form (link)
  • Health Clearance Form (link)

Refer to the San Diego Immunization Branch for more information on recommended immunizations and medications for the country you are going to. This site also lists contact information for travel physicians in San Diego County if you are not planning to use Student Health Services.


You will pay most of your UCEAP fees through your MyEAP online account. NOTE: All non-California residents are subject to UC non-resident tuition fees while participating on UCEAP programs (except for summer programs).

If this is the first time you have applied to a UCEAP or OAP program, you will also be charged a $100 administrative fee through UCSD billing. Please pay this fee promptly to avoid a late penalty.

Budgeting and Pre-Departure Expenses

Financial planning is essential. Depending on your program the first UCEAP fee payment ($950) will be due by:

  • April 1 or May 1 for summer/fall departures*
  • November 1, December 15, or February 1 for winter/spring departures*

*NOTE: students on financial aid will be allowed to defer this initial payment.

You are responsible for knowing the due date for your program, which is listed on your program budget. You will find the budget worksheet and payment deadlines under the "Finances" tab for your program in your MyEAP online account

In addition to UCEAP fees and the Study Abroad Administrative fee, you also can expect some of the following pre-departure expenses (depending on your host country):

  • Passport
  • Health Clearance
  • Travel Clinic at Student Health (only for certain programs)
  • Possible immunizations
  • Photos
  • Possible housing deposit
  • Airfare

Financial Aid

For Financial Aid, file the FAFSA by the March deadline and verify with the Financial Aid Office that your file is complete. The Financial Aid Office will adjust your package according to the cost of your UCEAP program. For assistance with your financial aid for study abroad, contact or send a message to the Study Abroad Office through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).

Study Abroad Scholarships

Don't forget to apply for Study Abroad Scholarships. There are numerous study abroad scholarships offered by the Study Abroad UC San Diego office, UCEAP, your UCSD College, and other scholarship organizations. Each year UCSD study abroad participants receive over $650,000 in study abroad scholarships, so don't miss your chance to help fund your study abroad experience. The various scholarships each have different deadlines, so look into the scholarship opportunities now.

UCEAP Travel Insurance & SHIP Insurance

During your term(s) on UCEAP, you are automatically enrolled in UCEAP Travel Insurance. The premium for this insurance is paid by the UC Office of the President. For details about coverage look under the “Insurance” tab in your MyEAP online account and in the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad (see item #2 of your UCEAP Pre-Departure Checklist via the link above). 

Beginning with Fall 2015, UCEAP participants also will be required to maintain major medical insurance here at UCSD while they are studying abroad. You can do this by enrolling in the UCSD Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or by waiving SHIP insurance using private insurance that meets the SHIP waiver criteria. 

While UCEAP Travel Insurance provides you with comprehensive travel and health insurance coverage while studying abroad, it is not considered a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) health plan per the Affordable Care Act (ACA) criteria. As a result, if you were covered solely by this policy while you are abroad, you could face IRS penalties for not being in compliance with the ACA. This is the main reason for the recent policy change.

All students automatically are enrolled in SHIP at the beginning of each academic term, but you have the option to waive SHIP coverage with proof of comparable private health insurance (UCEAP Travel Insurance does not satisfy SHIP waiver criteria).

Disability Accommodations Request

If you need to request disability accommodations while abroad, please view theseinstructions and tips for how to request reasonable accommodations while on UCEAP (PDF).

Travel Arrangements

You will receive Arrival Information in your UCEAP Pre-Departure Checklist (PDC) instructions with details about the mandatory arrival date, time, and location, which MUST be considered before booking travel arrangements. Do not make any travel arrangements until the dates for your program option are posted. See your advisor if you would like to contact other students going on your program about coordinating travel arrangements.

General Orientation

As a requirement of participation in study abroad at UC San Diego students must first complete the Study Abroad UC San Diego Online General Orientation prior to departure. The orientation should take about an hour to complete, and participation will be recorded and is a requirement of study abroad. 

How to Access Study Abroad's Online General Orientation:

  1. Log in with your UC San Diego Active Directory account.
  1. Click “Enroll in Course”

Deadline to Complete the Online General Orientation:

Summer/Fall/Year Departures: JUNE 15

Winter/Spring Departures: DECEMBER 15


Be sure to bring with you abroad your PID # and PAC (Personal Access Code, or password) to register for classes via WebReg on TritonLink for the quarter you return to UCSD.

We can't obtain your PAC number for you if lost; you must request it from the Registrar by email or fax.

UCSD On-Campus Housing Upon Return

  • If you would like to live on campus after you return from abroad, sign up for the housing waitlist as soon as it is available.
  • If you have a housing guarantee, you should also e-mail the Housing Office ( to let them know you are going on a UC sponsored UCEAP program and you were eligible for Room Selection for the term you are abroad.
  • Students without a housing guarantee may also sign up for the waitlist.
  • Another great on-campus housing option is I-House, which has a separate application process and is geared towards international-minded students, such as study abroad returnees.


While we hope you don't encounter a reason that prevents you from participating, if you are considering withdrawing you should email your Study Abroad UC San Diego Advisor immediately.

Depending on your program the deadline for withdrawal is either April 1, May 1 or June 1 (for summer/fall departures) or November 1, December 15 or February 1 (for winter/spring departures). You can find your specific program's withdrawal deadline in the following locations: the Statement of Understanding section of your UCEAP application, your Selection Letter email, and at the top of your program's UCEAP Pre-Departure section.

If you withdraw after the deadline (including conditional & alternate students), you will be charged a $500 UCEAP Late Withdrawal fee and possibly other unrecoverable payments that were made on your behalf to the host institution or a third party provider. For specifics, see your Program Budget under the "Finances" tab in your UCEAP application and the Statement of Understanding that you signed in your UCEAP online application.

To officially withdraw from a program, please submit your withdrawal request via email to your Study Abroad UC San Diego advisor. In the withdrawal email be sure to include your name, program info (country, program name, and term) and a brief reason for your withdrawal.