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(OAP) Opportunities Abroad Program =

  • Non-UC Programs. Program options that are NOT affiliated with the UC.
  • Transfer Credit. Courses will sit on a separate transcript, but may be applied towards UCSD major, minor, and/or general education requirements as transfer credit.
  • Affordable program options. OAP partners with program providers offering grants, scholarship opportunities, and sometimes lower price points.
  • Direct Enroll option. With OAP, you may direct enroll at a local university abroad, provided the school is accredited and recognized by UC San Diego. So many choices!

UC San Diego's Affiliate OAP Program Providers:

  • All are members of professional organizations. This means they follow the highest standards for professionalism, academic rigor, health & safety support, and student satisfaction.
  • UCSD students may be eligible for scholarships, program fee reductions or both. UCSD students may NOT use UC-based financial aid.
  • These affiliate programs offer alternative and diverse study abroad locations and disciplines that are not always available through UC options.
  • Explore all of our OAP program affiliates here:

Information on Applying to an OAP Program: Click Here.


OAP Internships for Credit

Arcadia6 Weeks / 4.5-9 UC Units / 144 Internship Hours / 5+1 assignments / Cost: $1950-$2450 / Syllabus: Arcadia Syllabus 

FIE: 6 Weeks / 4.5 UC Units / 160 Internship Hours / 5 assignments / Cost: $745-$1045 / Syllabus: FIE Syllabus 

IFSA-Butler: 8 Weeks / 4.5 UC Units / 120 Internship Hours / 5 Assignments / Cost: $1125-$4500 / Syllabus: Syllabus

SIT: 5 Weeks / 7.5 UC Units / 1 month, full time = 170 hours / Presentation + weekly progress reports / Cost: $1000-$2000 / Syllabi: SIT Syllabus 1 SIT Syllabus 2

USAC: Varies / 4.5 UC Units / 120+ Internship Hours / Group Presentation, Business Model, Business Plan, Presentation / Cost: $1390 / Syllabus: USAC Syllabus Sample