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Video Resources

Videos highlighting academic disciplines, countries and regions around the world, and pre-departure resources to help you prepare for your trip. 


Transfer Students and Study Abroad

Study Abroad and Transfer Students

There are lots of opportunities for transfer students to study abroad. Enjoy this video to learn about the importance of advanced planning, steps you need to take to apply, financial aid considerations, and more.


Study Abroad in Biology Webinar

Tune in to hear advisors explain how UCSD Biology majors can study abroad.


Study Abroad in Engineering Webinar

An IDEA Center WISE Session. How to Study Abroad as an Engineering Student at UC San Diego.


Study Abroad As An SIO Major

Learn how YOU can study abroad as a SIO major. This session provides an overview of program types, recommended options for SIO majors, financial aid, and scholarship information. You will also have the opportunity to hear from a UCEAP Costa Rica past participant about her experience studying abroad.


UCEAP Summer Physics Webinar

If you are a pre-med or life sciences major who needs physics credit, learn how you can earn a year's worth of physics credit while taking part in a culturally immersive experience.


Countries & Regions

Pre-Departure Resources

How To Handle Money Abroad

A Money Management Workshop


World Travel 101

A Packing and Travel Workshop

Get Packing

How To Handle Smart Phones Abroad

A Make your Smart Phone Smarter While Abroad Workshop

Dial In

How To Be A Sustainable Traveler

(And Save Money Doing So!)


'Get Started': 1 Minute Videos

Navigating UCEAP's Website - A Tutorial

Watch this great video tutorial to learn how to navigate UCEAP's website.


Looking for programs: 0:00-3:02 / Search by region, field of study, or experience type: 0:09-0:54 / How to run a program search: 0:54-3:02 / Navigating program details: 3:03-6:46 / General program info, dates, eligibility: 3:03-3:42 / Academics: 3:42-5:00 / Housing, Cost, Support: 5:00-5:55 / How to apply, Acceptance, Deadlines: 5:55-6:46 / Contact UCEAP advisors: 6:46-7:35

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