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Global Seminars Travel Safety Considerations

Important Update

Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Sanctions continue to be enacted, diplomatic efforts are ongoing, and the humanitarian crisis grows each day. We understand if you're reassessing how this significant world event may impact your personal risk tolerance and thus your commitment to participating in a study abroad program. Based on the information currently available, Global Seminars doesn't anticipate modifying any planned programs. However, we will continue to closely monitor this crisis and share updates with you as they're warranted.

The following are events that would necessitate a reassessment of travel safety to program countries. Currently, none of these have happened in summer 2022 program locations.

  • The US Department of State and University of California's international security provider change guidance or issue an alert.
  • The US Embassy in your program country issues a "voluntary departure" for families of consular staff.
  • The US Embassy in your program country issues an "ordered departure" for families of consular staff.
  • Deployment of Russian troops to borders of NATO countries.

If the US Department of State issues a Level 3 or 4 travel advisory due to security concerns, this would trigger cancellation of a global seminar. This language would include “Reconsider travel due to security concerns” or “Do not travel due to security concerns.” This language can easily be confused with COVID travel advisories, so please read all communications carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I owe any fees if my program is cancelled prior to departure?

No, you will not be billed for the administrative fee or program fee and you will receive a refund of your $250 deposit if your program is cancelled for security reasons prior to departure. See the Summer Session calendar for the deadline to drop classes for a refund. You should also make sure to purchase refundable airplane tickets, since Global Seminars is unable to reimburse you for airfare.

If I withdraw from the program myself will I get a refund?

If the program continues to run but you choose to withdraw your application, the regular withdrawal policy will apply.

What happens if my program is cancelled after it has started?

If your program is cancelled after you are already abroad and a security evacuation is determined to be necessary, the University of California travel insurance policy and/or our on-site partner's insurance policy will cover emergency evacuation costs. If possible, your global seminar faculty leader will make arrangements to continue teaching the program courses remotely so that you can still get credit.