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We are excited to help you begin your journey! Our advising team is on-hand to guide you through the study abroad process.

If you’re just getting started, please visit us during walk-in hours. Our in-person advising services are offered primarily on a walk-in basis. We can help you in various ways; from picking a program best suited to your goals to assist you with the application process.

Our types of advising are designed for the stage of planning you are currently engaged with, the specific program you are applying to, or the types of questions you have. To ensure a productive visit to our office, review our types of advising below, then consult the weekly schedule to determine the corresponding walk-in hours. 

Advising Schedule

Types of Advising

Peer Advising

Study abroad participants serving as Peer Advisors are available to answer your questions about choosing, applying, and preparing for study abroad. Peer advising is based on a walk-in advising model.

Best for first-time visitors, general and process-oriented questions, and student to student perspective.

Walk-in Advising

Meet with Study Abroad staff about program-specific information. Great for quick questions, follow-up, application assistance, deciding on a program, scholarship information, and much more.

Scheduled Appointments

Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor about program-specific information. General questions will be redirected to peer or walk-in advising. Stop by our office or call  (858)534-1123 to schedule an appointment.

Zoom Appointments and Chat

Schedule an online advising appointment using, Zoom. After you schedule your appointment you will receive a link with steps on how to log-in and "meet" with your advisor. To schedule, a Zoom appointment, stop by in-person or call our office at (858)534-1123. 

Chat is available intermittently via our website. You will see a link at the bottom of your screen when it is available. Chat is for quick questions.

Country/Region advising

Staff members specializing in a country/region/program are available to answer your country/program-specific questions during walk-in advising and for scheduled appointments.

Best for students who have questions related to a specific UCEAP, OAP, Exchange, country or program, in any stage of participation.

Global Seminars advising

Staff members specializing in Global Seminars are available to answer your program-specific questions. If you are unable to visit an advisor during walk-in hours, stop by in person or call our office to schedule an appointment. Questions about Global Seminars may also be addressed in general and country advising.

Best for students who have questions related to a specific Global Seminars program, in any stage of participation.

Financial aid advising

Speak to a financial aid advisor to answer your financial-aid specific questions on a worldwide basis. Please come prepared for your financial aid visit by having specific program information and questions ready. Financial aid advising can get busy, so please come ready to talk about the program you are applying to. Scholarship questions can be addressed during walk-ins and appointments with a Study Abroad staff member.